Airbnb co-host - everything you need to know

The latest news from Airbnb is great news for all of us hosts! Especially for those who do not have time to manage your ad, such as responding to all requests in different languages, cleaning the floor, welcoming guests and so on.

Now it’s about explaining what it is and why we are so enthusiastic. If you are an Airbnb host, you can now let someone else manage your ad for you. You can select several options, such as: publication and communication with customers, reservation management, floor preparation, receive guests in person, respond to any problem, leave comments, update calendar and prices, supply items of first necessity, the coordination of cleaning, laundry, maintenance and also interacting with Airbnb customer service on your own. You can choose the services you need and the percentage of the reservation, which goes to the co-host for their work.

All this in total privacy, in fact, the co-host will not have access to your personal account details or payment information. This is very good and it is the work that, in, we do every day. We help hosts like you better manage your ads so they earn more money, saving a lot of time. In fact, we do much more, we publish your property on several platforms such as Wimdu, HomeAway,, Niumba, 9flats, and many more and we adapt the price to the demand every day to make the announcement more competitive and not lose a single reservation.

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