Benefits of buying and living in Spain for foreigners

Would you like to live in Spain, but you don’t know the virtues of this country yet? In today’s article we will tell you all the advantages of living in a place where gastronomy, beaches, magical corners and real estate come together to be the perfect place to reside.

Spain has become a country that attracts thousands of tourists every year, is one of the most requested destinations, and many of them are captivated by its cultural and artistic wealth, others by the beauty of its beaches, some for succulent tasting gastronomic recipes, and others for their social life.Be that as it may, Spain is a site full of wonderful properties that are available to house all those who wish to live in a place with virtues as varied as those mentioned.

These are some of the data and the advantages of living here:

  • Spain has almost 47 million inhabitants, being the fifth largest country in Europe.
  • It has a high quality of life since hope is high for men (78 years) and for women (84 years).
  • Its varied cuisine is known worldwide. The Mediterranean diet is very healthy and one of the keys to this high life expectancy, since it has quality raw materials such as vegetables, vegetables, olive oil, among other condiments that have amazed more than one tourist upon arrival in Spain.
  • The beaches in Spain are among the most prominent in Europe. The north with Cantabria, Asturias, the Basque Country, Catalonia, the Valencian coast, the south with beaches as prominent as those of Cádiz or Málaga, as well as the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands, are real jewels where you can enjoy year-round proximity to the sea.
  • If you like the drier and winter weather you can enjoy the inland villages in areas such as Castilla La Mancha, or Castilla y León, where nature and small towns to relax and live peacefully will captivate you. If on the contrary you want more summer temperatures, the Mediterranean coastal area and southern Spain will be ideal places for you. You have a wide variety of cities where you can choose at your whim the place where you want to settle.
  • Another virtue is its festivities and social life. Spain is a country where it usually celebrates the most varied parties on the street, which makes it a lively and very social place.
  • Culture is another of its most outstanding advantages, museums such as the Guggenheim in Bilbao, La Casa Encendida in Madrid, The Prado Museum in the capital, the Picasso Museum in Malaga, are just some of the prominent places to deepen art and the Spanish culture.

These are just some of the advantages you can enjoy if you decide to live in Spain where you will find the most varied properties that are available throughout the Spanish geography. Apartments, cottages in quiet villages, bugalows, residential buildings … a wide variety of options and that Beahost can help you choose the most suitable for you.

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