Earn more with tourist rental while selling your property

Earn more with tourist rental while selling your property

Beahost wants to show you how to earn as much as possible from the sale of your property in Madrid. In fact, there is a new way that combines the tourist rent while selling a property. If we count that for selling an apartment in Madrid it takes about six months on average, in this period of time the property does not generate any income, on the contrary it only produces maintenance costs.

If in this period, however, we rent the apartment for tourist use, we can ensure substantial revenues and at the same time we can continue showing the property to potential buyers. In fact, tourist rent offers great flexibility in this sense. The benefits are many. You earn twice from both the rental and the following sale. You keep the property in perfect condition, which is essential to sell a property quickly and at the desired price. The costs of maintenance are reversed into benefits throughout the path from the beginning to the final sale act.

Are there any downsides from offering a tourist rent while selling a property? The tourist rent requires special management, both in terms of time to devote and organization such as cleaning at the end of the stay and planning check-ins as well as the listing advertise and booking management on different online platforms. Furthermore, if the buyer requests an empty property, all the furniture and appliances must be collected.

Beahost exists precisely to deal with the whole process of both sales and tourist rent. Why keep empty an apartment for six months when you can earn money by renting it? We take care of selling your property in Madrid, counting with a portfolio of international investors, we are present as a premium partner on the main real estate platforms such as Idealista, Fotocasa, Habitaclia, Trovimap and Pisos.com. To offer a personalized service we manage a maximum of two trades in the same period. This means that we devote all our efforts and resources to offering the best service for our clients.

We are experts in tourist rentals and we take care of everything from the professional photo shoot to the list on multiple platforms and booking management, from cleaning to check-in. What can be a source of stress for you will become a source of income. In fact, you will get benefits generated both from the sale and from the tourist rent.

We are here to offer you a totally personalized service, do not hesitate to contact us. For more information send an email to info@beahost.net or call us on +34 611019480. We also answer on WhatsApp at +34 611019480.