Get the Golden Visa with a real estate investment

Get the Golden Visa with a real estate investment

Obtaining the Spanish residence permit, access to the European Union and also getting an excellent return on investment is possible!

We show you in this article how to get the Golden Visa through a real estate investment and how to get the most out of your property.

The Golden Visa, or Residence for Investment, is an authorization that allows the investor and his family:

– to live and work in Spain, with no minimum residence time;

– enter and leave Spanish and European territory, as frequently as you want and as long as it is needed;

– carry out business on European territory and;

– apply for Spanish nationality after a certain period of residence.

In addition, this type of authorization is quickly resolved once requested, within a period of 20 days, and has longer renewal periods, which favors reducing the number of bureaucratic procedures necessary.

All are advantages!

What do I have to do to get the Golden Visa?

Real estate investment is one of the most used ways to obtain the Golden Visa and it is also safe and generates a very attractive return for the investor. Non-EU foreigners who have made an investment of at least € 500,000 have the right to request residence authorization for investment, which may come from the purchase of one or more properties.

It’s that simple!

We are experts in advising investors for the acquisition of properties in order to apply for the Golden Visa and we have a team of immigration attorneys to carry out the entire process quickly and assertively.In our experience, we have seen that investments in properties for the purposes of tourist use have a high return and allow the owner to choose the period they want to rent and the one they want to enjoy their property with complete freedom. We know the market for tourist rentals and investment and that is why we can guide our clients to the best purchase.

Are you interested in applying for the Golden Visa for you and your family and enjoying the advantages of the European territory?

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