How to leave your home perfect to sell it

If you have decided to sell your apartment and you want to do it quickly and without having to make a great price drop, you should maximize its qualities.

The first impression is what counts when future buyers visit your property. Being like that, have you thought about decorating it and exposing all the value it has?

In this article you will learn about tricks, and tips to help you sell your apartment and have a positive impact on visitors. 

Tips to prepare your home to sell it!

Take note of the following points:

• If you live in the apartment that you want to sell, keep everything tidy, and try to make it look spacious, move your things or belongings so that it is perceived as a spacious and comfortable home. Leave the essentials for you.

• Do you have any special corner? Any space you want to boost? Add lights to make it look good, stand out, redecorate it and make it a place to read or enjoy if it overlooks some outstanding views outside.

• Give clarity to the property, if you paint it with bright, white colors and a palette that will appear much larger in brightness, that way you will avoid making the room seem dark.

• Ventilate every part of the house, so there is a good aroma. It is proven that the purchase intention can be fueled by enhancing the senses through sight, touch, taste … in this case, smell can be usefull. Add an air freshener, or perfume that gives a good aroma.

• Includes decorative elements, some plant, candle, box that gives a modern and elegant look to the house. It is best to leave the right amount of elements so that the rooms are appreciated. Avoid recharging the house.

• Includes neutral curtains, and if you have spaces where great natural light enters let it be perceived because it is one of the most prominent additions in the properties.

• If you have a storage room, order everything that looks like a large and orderly place.

• Check that there is correct and adequate lighting in each area of ​​the house. The bulbs must work correctly, and specialy in those areas that you want to stand out as: balconies, terraces, reading corners…

• You can include a small table with chairs if you have a terrace or garden area to give a feeling of warmth and home to those who visit the house

• Always try to show the place when it is most favorable for you, as in the early hours, when there is more light.

• Turn off the radio, television or computer to avoid distractions for visitors who come to see your house.

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