Madrid - a great place to live. A growing capital.

Madrid, a great place to live. A growing capital.

Have you ever valued, or are you considering going to live in Madrid? In this new post we will give you the reasons why Madrid is a splendid place to live. According to the British magazine Monocle, Madrid is among the top 10 best cities in the world to live in, exactly in 7th place.

Surely when you finish reading it, you will not doubt it!


One of the main reasons that make Madrid a splendid city to live in is its location, in the center of the Iberian Peninsula. This means that from its train station (A tocha), trains depart to all corners of the country. In addition, the capital of Spain has a large airport (Barajas-Adolfo Suárez), which connects Madrid with all the main capitals and cities throughout the European continent, with a wide range of flights.

Cultural and leisure offer

Anyone who has already visited Madrid will know that it is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain and that it has more monuments. Although it has become a modern and cosmopolitan city, Madrid still preserves its oldest neighborhoods, such as Madrid de los Austrias, full of impressive and beautiful preserved buildings. We also find places such as the Plaza Mayor, a great example of the country’s Renaissance and Baroque architecture, and the Royal Palace, which is the largest palace in Western Europe.

We should also highlight that in Madrid there are several of the most important museums in the world such as the Reina Sofía (where we can find the famous Guernica) and the Prado Museum (it has a large collection of European art)

Not should we forget the large number of theaters that can be found in the capital. Just taking a walk along the Gran Vía, you can see most of them, which represent such important works as “The Lion King”, at the Lope de Vega theater.  

Quality of life

Madrid is full of great and incredible parks where you can develop many types of outdoor activities. The most important is the Retiro Park (118 hectares), in which we find a large side, and also exhibition rooms such as the beautiful Crystal Palace. But the largest park is the Casa de Campo with 1,722 hectares, within which there is a cable car and the Madrid Amusement Park.

Another reason that makes Madrid a great city is its climate, which is pleasant. Average temperatures in the coldest month (January) are 6ºC, while in the warmest month (July) they are25ºC. The average annual temperature is 15ºC.

Not should we forget the name of the Madrid water, famous for its high quality, since it comes from the springs of the mountains and can be drunk directly from the tap.

And finally, of its great public transport network system (metro, bus, commuter, electric bicycles), thanks to which it is very easy to move around the city in the means of transport you prefer, as well as travel to the cities of around Madrid.


One of the dishes that you must try is the Madrid stew, known throughout Spain as well as the squid sandwiches around the Plaza Mayor, accompanied by some good tripe.

In addition to the typical restaurants and taverns, in Madrid you can also find renowned restaurants that have the Michelin Star award, such as the “Diverxo” restaurant of the famous chef Dabiz Muñoz, for the most exquisite palates.

And most important of all, going out for beer in Madrid has the great advantage of the tradition of accompanying the beer with good tapas… and for free!

Multicultural city

Who has not felt part of Madrid walking through its streets, even without being from Madrid?

The truth is that almost no one in Madrid is from Madrid, but Madrid’s multiculturalism and the atmosphere in its neighborhoods, together with the friendliness of its citizens, makes you feel at home, wherever you come from. It is a city that welcomes you, whether you come on Erasmus to study or come from anywhere in the world to look for a job, and its people will do everything possible to make you feel at home.

Have we resolved your doubts about whether to go live in Madrid? Don’t hesitate any longer and find out for yourself! Furthermore, at Beahost we can help you find the perfect home, as we have years of experience in the real estate sector.