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Don’t lose your mind on summer 2023 holiday prices!

The pandemic has caused several changes over society indeed ; despite this, the restrictions have increased the desire to travel.

Tourist Rental Regulations in Andalusia

Granada is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in Spain.

Proof of this are the millions of tourists who travel to Granada every year.

We already know…

Advantages of vacation rentals: what you need to know

The vacation rental industry has been around as long as the vacation itself. However, recent technological advances have opened up the possibility for anyone with a vacant home to be…

Madrid – a great place to live. A growing capital.

Have you ever valued, or are you considering going to live in Madrid? In this new post we will give you the reasons why Madrid is a splendid place to…

Why is Madrid a good place to Invest in Real Estate?

Madrid is the capital of Spain, so many people (both Spanish and foreign) decide to invest in a home there.

Madrid as one of the best cities to invest is…

Get the Golden Visa with a real estate investment

Obtaining the Spanish residence permit, access to the European Union and also getting an excellent return on investment is possible!

We show you in this article how to get the Golden…

Low budget home decor tips

¿Do you want to sell your property and need to give it a touch of color to attract buyers?

Low budget home decor is a very appropriate option to get…

What should you consider to sell your home?

Selling a home requires a series of actions and issues to take into account so that the whole process is carried out normally to achieve the objective: the sale of a…

Magnificent housing development in Gran Alacant

Would you like to enjoy a home in a great area and at an unbeatable prices?

Beahost offer you a great variety of properties with unbeatable characteristics.

Baehost Quality Seal!

Everyone ever in life will have some kind of contact with the real estate sector. Probably through a sale, rental, or investment.

Beahost gathers all these aspects and offer the customer…